Social Media Campaigns

We present you some of the social media campaigns that we have created for different clients. This is only a small preview of our work for the clients regarding social media marketing

Campaign for Euroins Macedonia

We have the opportunity to work with Euroins Insurance Group (subsidiary in Skopje, Macedonia), regarding social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram. The campaign was mainly focused on brand awareness and promotion of their services and new website that was redesigned by the team of Tivius Productions.

Campaign for Premium Gumi

Premium Gumi is a company from Skopje, Macedonia. We are working for them for few months already and we have an excellent cooperation in the field of social media marketing. In our brand awareness campaigns, we have included more interactive, fun and educational designs and content in order to create higher engagement on the page.

Campaign for Beyond Basketball Academy

We were working social media marketing for Beyond Basketball Academy from Dubai. We have focused our efforts on lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, as well as on improving social media presence, with focus on Facebook and Instagram.

Campaign for Ten Four Wraps

TenFour Wraps is a company from Florida, USA, that is dealing with Vehicle Color Change, Full Vehicle Wraps And Graphics, Partial Vehicle Graphics, Boat Wraps, Marine Wraps and Boat Wraps, Marine Wraps. Our job was to increase their brand awareness and sales during the first months of the pandemic. We have also conducted advanced lead generation campaign from Facebook advertising.

Campaign for Zaum Organic

As healthy food is becoming more and more popular, we had the chance to work for the Macedonian brand Zaum Organic. Their main product is hazelnut butter. We have created unique and attractive photos and designs in order to present the irresistible taste and quality of the products and to attract new first time customers.

Campaign for Floreo Honey

We are happy to have extensive cooperation with the Macedonian brand for organic honey Floreo. As we have created their ecommerce website, we are also working on social media marketing for the brand. Beside brand awareness campaigns, we are focusing on conversion campaigns with advanced Facebook advertising using Lookalike audiences and Facebook pixel. All the photos are created by the team of Tivius Productions.

Campaign for Elte World of Tools

Elte World of Tools is a fast growing company from Vinica, Macedonia. We had the opportunity to work on their social media marketing with focus on Facebook and Instagram. Our main goal was to increase brand visibility and brand awareness, in order the people to recognize the brand when visiting the stores where their products were available. We have also created many interactive giveaway campaigns and got excellent engagement from the audience.

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