High-quality Content for Digital Marketing

We create an outstanding content for your social media campaigns. Whether it is a remarkable photography, high-quality graphic designs, or texts for social media posts, we are here for you.

Choose the Best Plan for Your Business

We've done extensive research and we've created these 3 digital marketing plans. Please choose which one best suits your business

400€per month
  • 12 professional photos or 12 creative graphic designs per month in proportions suitable for both posts and stories. In total you get 24 creatives;
  • Copywriting - writing 12 unique and creative texts for the posts;
  • 1 short reel for Instagram
650€per month
  • 20 professional photos or 20 creative graphic designs per month in proportions suitable for both posts and stories. In total you get 40 creatives;
  • Copywriting - writing 20 unique and creative texts for the posts;
  • 4 short reels for Instagram
  • 2 blog posts up to 500 words;

* The content (designs and texts) is created once at the beginning of each month and promptly delivered to the client.

** The advertising and the publishing/scheduling of the posts/stories are not included in the packages.

Our Social Media Campaigns

Check some of the social media campaigns that we have created for different clients

Basic Plan

Suitable for Start Ups, Small and Medium Businesses

Do you have a small or medium business that needs a boost in order to increase sales? Or you’re maybe a start up that needs a help to start selling its products and services? This plan is most suitable for small and medium companies, individuals or start-ups.

Advanced Plan

Created for well established businesses to further solidify their brand

Every marketing plan begins with a story. How compelling and convincing your story is will determine your marketing success. In the advanced digital marketing plan we create remarkable content for your business. This plan is created particularly for businesses that want to increase their sales and create sustainable and successful business.

Premium Plan

Special plan for companies that want outstanding results

The excellent results regarding high sales and conversion are rarely a matter of chance, but most often a result of highly focused and prudently planned activities. Everything that this plan contains is worth more than 2000 Euros, but we want to make it available for our respectable clients for more affordable price.

The People Behind It

Digital marketers, designers and experts. Our team is well trained and with an extensive experience in the field of digital marketing

Blagoj Gjelevski digital marketing

Blagoj Gjelevski

The researcher who became a web designer. The web designer who became a digital marketer. The digital marketer who decided to blend all those skills together and implement them in practice in order to create highly successful campaigns for his clients. Favorite quote: “Trust that which gives you meaning and accept it as your guide.” by Carl Jung.

Aleksandar Gjelevski

Aleksandar is our creative engine. This guy works 16 hours per day until the work is done perfectly. He is our designer, video producer and photographer. He is the creator of our graphic content, that beside regular content, is our main digital marketing resource in the campaigns we create. Favorite quote: “Discipline is the bridge between goal and accomplishments” by Jim Rohn

Martin Tolovski

Marketer and web designer. Started with building websites and gradually refocused on what he loves the most: Content Marketing. Has an effective and straightforward approach to online marketing that brings results for his clients. Favorite quote: “Content is king, but marketing is queen, and runs the household.” by Gary Vaynerchuk

This is our studio

This is the place where we create most of the unique and creative photos, videos and designs and where we spend the most productive part of the day